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Merino Wool Lined Deerskin Glove

Merino Wool Lined Deerskin Glove

Geier Glove Co.

So you have your Whites Boots and Filson luggage. Now you need to have Geier Merino wool lined gloves. These are the finest gloves from Geier. This Geier tan, merino wool lined, deerskin glove is a medium weight glove with elastic back for both Men and Women. The lining is heavy marino wool and is the warmest most durable glove lining. Deerskin provides a tough glove and great dexterity. Geier Gloves have been hand made by craftsmen in Centralia Washinton for over 70 years. Gloves are sown in pairs and then turned right side out and rubbed over a hot iron to insure perfect fit. Glove seams are moved from high wear places for durability. Measure around your favored hand's palm. The glove can be a little snug as it will stretch, we recommend that you buy these gloves a full size larger than your measurements, the wool does not compact like the pile and you do not want a snug winter glove of any sort. Geier Gloves come in 11 sizes not the usual three or four. Sure they are more expensive than some other leather gloves but the quality and fit more than make up for the price. The Prospector is proud to offer Geier handmade gloves, the finest leather gloves you can buy.

Made in USA .

Made in USA