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Black Unlined Deerskin Glove

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Black Unlined Deerskin Glove

Geier Glove Co.

Product Description:

This Geier black, unlined glove is a slip-on style made of light-weight select grade Deerskin. A driving and semi-dress glove for both Men and Women. This glove would also be a great shooting glove. Geier Gloves have been hand made in Centralia Washinton since 1927. Gloves are sown in pairs and then turned right side out and rubbed over a hot iron to insure perfect fit. Geier Gloves FIT, like a glove no less, they still come in true glove sizing, measure around your favored hands palm. Sure they are more expensive than some other leather gloves but the quality and fit more than make up for the price.